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Christ Covenant

Our services on Sunday are at 10:00 am.

Adult education on Sunday is at 9:00am. 

Christ Covenant Church is all about delighting in the greatness of God through his Son Jesus Christ. All are welcome to gather with us to enjoy our community in Jesus.

If you're new to Christ Covenant, these links might be helpful to get you going:


January 25: Religion of the Heart (Matthew 15:1-20)

This coming Sunday, January 25, we will look at Matthew 15 where Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for their obsession with mere appearances of religion. They should have been more attentive to loving God and sincerity of heart. Here are some resources to help you prepare...Read More

In the midst of your storm...

This past week we saw in Matthew 14 how Jesus used a storm to rescue Peter's faith. It's a reminder to us that in the storms of life, Christ is with us. This poem by George Herbert powerfully reminds us of this same truth...Read More