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The Sovereignty of God

Series: The Attributes of God

God's sovereignty provides a bedrock of hope for the Christian in changing and uncertain times.  Yet it is a topic not without some degree of mystery. In our passage, God speaks to us through his prophet Isaiah and challenges the foolishness of placing your hope in anything of this world for nothing in this world is like God. After showing the foolishness of idolatry, God calls us to remember that he alone is God and there is no other.  He reminds us that his purposes will stand and his plans accomplished. This does not mean that everything makes sense to us at every moment but the call is to trust in this God who knows all things and accomplishes even salvation and deliverance for the sinner.  Take time and note the uniqueness of God and yet the kindness and goodness of God as you look forward to the uncertainty of life. Rest and take comfort in his good sovereignty. 

Speaker: Tom Mercer

November 8, 2020
Isaiah 46:1-13

Tom Mercer

Senior Pastor, Elder

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