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Care Groups

at Christ Covenant

Why Care Groups?

The New Testament abounds with one-another commands -  to love one another, to be devoted to one another, to counsel one another, to submit to one another, to exhort one another. Clearly, the Christian life is not a solo journey. As fellow members of the body, we are to seek the spiritual good of one another, that we might all grow up in the faith. We need each other far more than we realize.

To this end, we have found Care Groups to be an excellent way to carry out what the Bible calls the local church to practice towards one another. Obviously, the Scriptures don’t provide specific guidelines for doing Care Groups per se, but we think the basis for having them is strongly Biblical. In fact, we view Care Groups as one of the primary instruments for establishing and encouraging each other at Christ Covenant.

When do groups meet?

Most groups meet in a leader’s home on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, right after the service for about 2 hours.  A few groups meet on a weekday or Sunday evening. 

Where do they meet? 

Locations vary and are spread throughout the Wake County area.  

What happens at a typical Care Group meeting? 

Many groups eat a meal together, then discuss the most recent sermon. Other groups read and discuss a book together or follow curriculum on a particular topic of study.  In short, there’s food, real talk, and learning to follow Jesus together.

Who can join?

We limit our Care Groups to members of the church or those at least well into the membership process, as we’re trying to foster a depth of fellowship where lives are being shared, sins are confessed, and healing and growth in the gospel are taking place.  We have found that a formal commitment to the body makes Care Group involvement sweeter and more encouraging for all concerned.

Is there childcare? 

Christ Covenant doesn’t offer childcare for our Care Groups. However, groups share the responsibility of arranging their own childcare by finding sitters or making other arrangements. Some groups include children for part of the meeting time.

If you are interested in joining a care group or learning more about them at Christ Covenant, email Daniel Harman, our Discipleship Pastor. If you are currently involved in a Care Group and would like to become a Care Group Leader, please email Daniel to consider the process. Care Group Leader training occurs throughout the year and is required for current and potential leaders.    

 EMAIL Daniel