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The Fall

Series: The Beginning of Everything

Adam and Eve were created for God with meaning, purpose, and contentment. They were given the charge to fill and subdue. They were given provision to eat from all the trees save one. God gave them rule and freedom. He gave them access to himself as they walked with God in the cool of the day. If true, why do we find the presence of misery, anger, brokenness, and loneliness in our world? Why is there such dysfunction, disunity, disease, despair? How did we end up in this trouble if God made all things good? The answer is found in chapter 3, at least the beginning of it. In chapter 3 we see the tragedy of sin entering our world and the disastrous consequences of it. Yet there is hope in the promises of God, a hope that the struggles and misery we face will one day be no more.

Speaker: Tom Mercer

April 3, 2022
Genesis 3:1-24

Tom Mercer

Senior Pastor, Elder

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