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Salvation Begins

Series: Judges: A Dawning Hope in Darkness

Following the angelic announcement of Samson's birth, expectations for his ministry would be naturally high.  As you remember, his ministry was to begin to save God's people from the Philistines.  How would he deliver them? In chapters 14-15, we see that this would not be a traditional deliverance.  In fact, the first thing we read is his intent to marry a Philistine wife.  This is where things start to get interesting.  A quick read leaves one guessing over Samson and his methods.  There is much mystery and ambiguity surrounding the times and actions of Samson.  Is he a good judge?  Are there explanations for his behavior that make sense of scripture?  That is what we will discover.  Please read through the text a few times to gain a handle on the flow of events.

Speaker: Tom Mercer

July 11, 2021
Judges 14:1-6

Tom Mercer

Senior Pastor, Elder

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