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Honoring Masters

Series: Rethinking the Church

Do you see Paul’s concern for the church to know how they ought to behave as the household of God, the pillar and buttress of truth (3:15)?  While Paul's desire for the health and well-being of this church cannot be denied, never far from his mind is the purpose of the church which is to display the wisdom of God through the preaching of the gospel (1:15-16) and the lives of the saints. This is the reason Paul, in chapter 5, began discussing how we give honor in our relationships across gender and generational lines, how we care for members who are in need, and how we honor the leaders who give themselves for us. But today we see the call to honor continue in the way we conduct ourselves in our work. Do we work hard, with integrity and respect? Paul wraps up his household code with directions for slaves relating to their masters (6:1-2). The early church contained both bondservants as well as masters. How did this new relationship with Jesus as our heavenly master affect our relationships with our earthly masters? His wisdom is simple: bondservants should honor their masters with respect so that the name of God might be held in honor.  

Speaker: Tom Mercer

October 16, 2022
1 Timothy 6:1-2

Tom Mercer

Senior Pastor, Elder

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