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God's Faithfulness

Series: Genesis: The Beginning of Everything

One of the most significant themes in Genesis is God’s faithfulness to his covenant people. Our passage is no different. As Abraham nears death, he knows that God has promised him innumerable offspring who would experience the blessing of living in the promised land. His trust in God’s covenantal faithfulness is so great that he commissions his servant to find Isaac a wife from among his people and bring her back to the land (Gen. 24:1-9). True to his promises, God leads the trusting servant to Rebekah (Gen. 24:10-28), whose family sees that God is providentially working through the servant to bring Rebekah to Abraham’s son, Isaac  (Gen. 24:29-60). Rachel reveals her trust in God by going with the servant to be joined to Isaac (Gen. 24:61-68). After the conclusion of the scene, the text reveals that the promises would only be granted to Isaac, Abraham’s true child of promise (Gen. 25:1-18).

As we reflect on the passage, we are reminded of how the promissory lineage of Isaac and Rebekah would eventually lead to Jesus Christ, through whom, by faith, we also become Abraham’s children and beneficiaries of all that was promised to God’s covenant people (Rom. 4; Gal 3-4).

Speaker: Miguel Echevarria

April 23, 2023
Genesis 24:1-33

Miguel Echevarria


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