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Faith in the Gospel

Series: Galatians: No Other Gospel

After proving Abraham was right with God through faith and not by works, he goes on to prove this is true of all God's people. He warns this church of the temptation to go the way of faith in Christ plus any other work. Paul makes clear there are two paths: faith in Christ that leads to divine blessings and trust in the law that leads to a divine curse. To make his point with the force of a sledgehammer, he turns to the OT to provide evidence that the law justifies no one. The law shows sin but it cannot save from sin. Paul reminds the church of the gospel that Christ alone saves and he saves by becoming a curse for us so that we might receive the blessings of God through his Spirit.

Speaker: Tom Mercer

October 17, 2021
Galatians 3:10-14

Tom Mercer

Senior Pastor, Elder

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