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An Apostle's Anguish

Series: 2 Corinthians: A New Strength

In this section of Paul’s letter, we see that his relationship with the Corinthian church is strained and Paul’s sorrow over this situation is evident. This was in part because of the disappointment of some church members because he decided not to visit them. The apostle explains himself, saying that his decision was not because of selfish reasons or that he was double-minded but that he felt it was for their own good, and was made out of love for them. In explaining himself he reminds them that his personal joy is bound up with theirs. As he makes an impassioned plea for a restoration of their relationship, he also asks that they exercise forgiveness within their body.

Speaker: Levi Regalado

July 7, 2024
2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11

Levi Regalado


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