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A Meal with the Messiah

Series: Dining with Jesus

We find in the gospel of Matthew that the purpose of Jesus coming is to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21), but the way in which he came to save was eating and drinking.  In Matthew 11, we read that 'the Son of Man came eating and drinking.' Over the next few weeks we will look at the ministry of Jesus around a table.   One author said that Jesus eats his way through the gospel of Luke.  While perhaps an overstatement, throughout the Gospel, he uses banquets, food, drink and meals as teaching points and places of ministry.  We say you get to know a person when you share a meal and this is what I hope for in this brief series.  

In this week's passage, Jesus calls a tax collector and in doing so he teaches an important principle: the candidates for God’s kingdom may well be different than we think.  Please read the passage and consider what you learn about the kingdom of God around this table. Think about the unique participants, and the joy and confusion over the nature of the kingdom. 

Speaker: Tom Mercer

April 30, 2023
Luke 5:27-32

Tom Mercer

Senior Pastor, Elder

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