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Dear CCC Parents,

Christ Covenant Church staff and elders have sought to strategically and carefully navigate the challenges from COVID 19 since the onset of the virus. It is and has been our desire to honor and not resist the authority that God has placed over us. The effects of this virus continue to prolong our ability to resume as normal, and we do not see that changing anytime soon. Therefore, it is also the desire of CCC to provide a more sustainable long-term plan for families with small children.  

We have decided to reimplement nursery for children ages 0-3 at the 8:30am service beginning August 23. We will also continue to have the multi-purpose room available for families with young children who have aged out of nursery. Please take a minute to read about the changes we will be implementing.

Nursery will be available beginning August 23 at the 8:30am service only with these changes in place.

  • Volunteers are required to wear face coverings. Children are not required to wear them.
  • Volunteers and families using the nursery will enter the church using the side entrance on the left of the building. See below for a floor plan layout of the traffic flow.
  • Signs will be posted to help direct the traffic flow for drop off and pick up.
  • Screening questions will be asked to all volunteers and families. If the answer is yes to any of the questions, participation in nursery will not be permitted.
  • Volunteers and children will have their no-touch temperature taken. It must be less than 100.4 to utilize the nursery.
  • To minimize usage only the hostess will operate the kiosk to check in children.
  • Check-in begins 15 minutes before the service.

Daycare businesses are currently operating state-wide lawfully without social distancing because caring for young children is impossible otherwise.  This is consistent with NC executive orders and CDC guidelines.  Therefore, please be aware that social distancing will not be enforced in the nursery.  We will be following the protocol as outlined above.

The multi-purpose room will continue to be available during all services with a few changes outlined below. If you are unable to attend the 8:30am service or if you have young children who have aged out of nursery you may utilize this space.

  • The room will be set up as an overflow for the service with chairs oriented toward the screen to encourage service participation.
  • We will provide activity pages, worship guides, and crayons that the children can use as a quiet activity during the service. Please return the crayons to the basket for reuse from week to week. Our hope is that parents can participate in the service and listen to the sermon while helping their young children learn to do the same in a less intimidating and more controlled environment than the sanctuary.
  • We will also have worship guides for kids available in the sanctuary.

We anticipate hiccups and bumps as we adjust to something new, so we appreciate in advance your patience while we work through those. Please also be gracious with one another and remember that while the body of CCC is unified in Christ we are not all unified in how to handle these unprecedented circumstances. 

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35


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Communicable Disease Policy
It is our desire to provide a healthy and safe environment for all of the children at Christ Covenant.  In order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases among the children, these three rules are in place concerning disease. Both parents and caregivers must be familiar with these policies.

  1. Children with infectious diseases should be kept home until they are no longer contagious. If a child is exhibiting symptoms of illness such as fever, diarrhea, open skin lesions or blisters (as in chicken pox), or persistent nasal discharge, the parent should keep the child home.
  2. Hand washing or usage of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer must be a regular habit for both children and caregivers.
  3. Parents of children who appear ill during class will be asked to come get them.

To ensure that your child is able to participate in Children’s Ministry activities, parents are asked to comply with the following guidelines:

A child should not participate in a class if and when any of the following exist:

  • Fever (Note: Children should be free of a fever for 24 hours after a contagious disease before coming back to church.)
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Any symptom of childhood diseases such as scarlet fever, German measles, mumps, chicken pox, or whooping cough
  • Common cold – from onset through one week
  • Sore throat
  • Croup
  • Any unexplained rash
  • Any skin infection – boils, ringworm, impetigo
  • Pink eye or other eye infection
  • Thick green, yellow or constant nasal discharge
  • Any communicable disease

Neither caregivers nor church staff is allowed to give any medication to any child.