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Worship Guide for March 21

March 19, 2021

Waiting on God in Confidence 

Psalm 62
In this psalm, we see how David, in the midst of chaos, walked with patience and fortitude. Psalm 62 is called by scholars a psalm of confidence.  While it has the complaint of suffering as in a lament (Psalm 142 and 6), it turns more pronouncedly to confidence and faith.  In this psalm, we see how to handle adversity and trials by setting our hope in God as our refuge in trouble and not other things. David then reflects on the character and glory of God as one to whom we can turn with full assurance of faith in our waiting.
Give word to the greatest threats you or your family are facing.  Describe how you have waited in these times.  To what degree do you struggle with anxiety and going to the worst scenarios?
What does it mean to preach to yourself as David did in vv. 5-7? How can others help you in this?
What would it look like to pour out your heart to him?
To whom or what do you turn in trial?  What do you set your heart on first? What is the proper balance between trusting God alone and yet engaging in other means of help offered to you?
How does it help you to know that to God alone belongs all power and steadfast love? How will this truth help you and others in faith?
What does it mean that 'on God rests your glory'?  How does this change the direction of how we see struggle?

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