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Elder Update Regarding New Ministry Positions and Elder Candidates


 Elder update from Levi Regalado on new ministry positions and elder candidates 



New Ministry Positions

This past Sunday, the elders announced that we've decided to add two part-time positions to our church staff: a children's ministry director and a women's ministry director. This past August, we first announced that we were considering these positions and asked for the church's prayers in our decision-making. Looking at our current needs as well as the numerical and spiritual growth of our body, we believe it’s the right time to make this move.

We envision the children’s ministry coordinator to address the need for more teacher equipping and encouragement and to consider how our church can provide a better learning environment for children. Similarly, we envision the women’s ministry director to develop strategies and an organizational structure that will help the ladies of our church flourish in ministry.  She will be a liaison to the staff and elders and will also be tasked with considering ways for new lady members to integrate in our church.

These are part-time positions. We’re probably looking at ten hours a week, but those hours will introduce clarity, organization and direction to address ongoing needs and future growth to two important ministries in our church, and whoever fills these positions will play important roles in our body. We are in the hiring process and Lord willing, these positions will be in place by the beginning of the new year.

 Elder Candidates      

Second, we are happy to recommend two men to serve the body as elders, Ray Rutledge and Keith Smith. They have already served faithfully in this role for a number of years before both rotated off the board this past year, as our bylaws prescribe. 

Scripture gives evidence of the first elders being appointed by the apostles of the church. By this example it is implied that the existing spiritual leadership of a church be intimately involved in the process of selecting elders to ensure selection based on spiritual rather than superficial qualifications. Beyond this, there are no specific guidelines given regarding the selection process.

After recommending these men today, there will be a 30 day period for you, the members of Christ Covenant, to prayerfully consider them for this role. If you have any questions or hesitations, please discuss this first with them, and if necessary with one of the current elders: Tom Mercer, Larry Frerichs, Adam Curry or myself.

Ballots will be available in the lobby on Sunday, November 18 and collected the following week. Please be in prayer over these decisions.